About Midwest Chapter Annual Meetings

The chapter annual meeting takes place in the spring of every year (April or May) and gives the opportunity for chapter members to meet and exchange ideas and socialize in a book-ish setting. This is especially important since the Midwest Chapter is spread out over such a large territory; without this meeting we might never get to know our fellow members.

The meeting is accompanied by a workshop or two, as well as smaller impromptu demonstrations which are bound to happen when more than one bookbinder gathers together. Workshop topics include all aspects of the book arts from fine binding, conservation treatments, marbling, calligraphy, etc. The meetings and workshops are held at universities or binderies, so along with a workshop, there is usually a tour of our local host’s venue.

Another important aspect of the gathering is the chapter business meeting. While perhaps not the highlight of the event, this is important to conduct chapter administrative tasks and get feedback and discussion from the chapter members. Even though these sound quite dry, they are usually fun-filled affairs and sometimes even quite spirited!

And of course any gathering of book workers would not be complete without some socializing. Whether gathering with just a couple close friends or joining the entire group for a gourmet meal at a local eatery, the annual meeting is one way to meet new fellow book artists, catch up with old friends, and get to know a new city in the midwest.


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About midwestgbw

Home of the Midwest Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers, the national organization for all the book arts. The Midwest Chapter serves members in the greater Midwest region, sponsoring workshops, exhibits and other events in the areas of bookbinding, artists books, printing, papermaking, and all the book arts.

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