Announcement – Geographies: the Midwest Examined

midwest landscape

Geographies: the Midwest Examined
A Midwest Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers Exhibition

All bookwork (binding, artist book, calligraphy, broadsides, etc.) will have content that relates to the exhibition’s theme of the Midwest or the individual states of Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan and Nebraska. This geographic area encompasses a variety of landscapes and has produced its share of artists and writers providing much room for interpretation conceptually or practically. Exhibitors will be asked to include a short statement relating their work to the theme.

Entrants must be members of the Guild of Book Workers, Midwest Chapter and are limited to one submission. Exhibitors must remain a member of the Midwest chapter for the duration of the exhibit tour. The non-refundable exhibition entry fee is $35.00 due with the intent to enter form. If you are not currently a chapter member, you may include your chapter membership fee of $10 with your entry fee.

Size Limitations:
Books no larger than 18 inches x 18 inches, and no thicker than 10 inches. Flat or two-dimensional work must be unframed and smaller than 18 x 18. We will try to accept all work submitted, but reserve the right to disqualify any work that becomes too difficult to display, due to weight, fragility, or size. We cannot accept any work that requires special attention, such as electricity or complex set-up.

Indiana ForestProtective Enclosures:
All work must be submitted in a sturdy protective reusable enclosure for transportation, such as a clamshell box.

Insurance & Shipping:
We regret that there will not be insurance at every venue or special insurance for transporting the show. Please keep this in mind when submitting work for the exhibit. Transportation between venues will be done via car by Guild member volunteers, and they will also oversee exhibition installation at each location. We have arranged for items to be in closed cases where available, and work will not be handled by the general public. Please assign a reasonable insurance value to your work for those venues that are able to insure it. Delivery of the work to the first venue is the responsibility of the entrant. Shipping details will be provided at the time of submission. Work will be returned in their original packing boxes within a month of the exhibition’s close at the last venue. Entry fee includes return shipping. Entrants are responsible for alerting the chapter of any change in shipping address.

Publicity & Information:
Entrants are asked to provide
1) a short statement about the work, including its connection to the theme
2) a short bio, and
3) high-resolution digital photographs of their work (jpegs at 300 dpi at 5” x 7”in size).
These are due at the time of submission.

GBW and the Midwest Chapter, in conjunction with the associated venues, may use statements, biographies, and images of all accepted works for promotional purposes. This may include a catalog, online or printed.

Duration of Exhibition:
The show will open in East Lansing, Michigan during the Midwest GBW Annual Meeting and future sites are pending through 2017. *If you are interested in having the exhibit come to you, please contact our Programs chair Mary Uthuppuru:

Intent to Enter Process:
midwest from the airThe Intent to Enter form will be made available in January. This show will be open to members on a first-come basis. We will acknowledge receipt of your intent and fee as it is received. Due to limitations in exhibition spaces not all who wish to participate are guaranteed a spot. We hope to be able to accommodate everyone, so we will create a waiting list after the initial spots are taken. Any spots that open up will be offered to those on the waiting list in the order in which their intent to enter was received. Please let us know at any time if you need to drop out. After the Intent to Enter form deadline, we will confirm your participation and provide specific details on delivery of work and the final exhibition schedule.